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World-class companies, scientific breakthroughs and feats of an individual level often have three things in common: strong faith in one’s competence and ability to tackle almost impossible-sounding objectives; strong will to succeed and proceed towards the chosen direction even in difficult times, and a unique capacity to create new and better things.

The mission of building a better world has always been the common denominator of scientific and artistic institutions. As a university that combines both dimensions, Aalto University has both a greater responsibility and exceptional opportunities to carry out this mission.

Building a better world gives the members of our community a deep, true meaning to their daily efforts. It is a shared goal for our researchers and professors who work hard to discover new knowledge; it guides our teachers who train open-minded and responsible professionals and decision makers of the future, and it motivates our employees to help Aalto implement its core tasks.

Our goal is to fearlessly lead the way and take part in open-minded and creative development of both Finnish society and the international academic community. The challenges of the world, or even those of Finland, cannot be solved with individual-level solutions or those deriving from the fields of technology or business alone. All of these viewpoints must come together.

Our multidisciplinary nature creates opportunities for ground-breaking innovation. Bringing together artistic expression and competence in the fields of technology, design and business provides opportunities for entirely new applications and solutions to challenges associated with, for example, sustainable development. The inspiration for such regeneration may originate in any sector, and the most significant breakthroughs and innovations may generate entirely new growth sectors as well as employment and well-being for Finland.

Together, we have the possibility to make Aalto University a place with a culture and atmosphere that encourages participation and inspires innovation. Let’s not be afraid to ask naive questions and to try, fail, and succeed together; to go where no one has gone before.

We invite you to build a better world with us!

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