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PhD (thesis subject) in Electromechanical properties of ZnO piezoelectric semiconductor nanowires

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The MNO group of IM2NP Lab at Aix-Marseille Université offers a PhD thesis focusing on the electromechanical properties (also known as piezoelectricity) of piezoelectric semiconductor ZnO nanowires (NWs). Piezoelectric semiconductor NWs are potential candidates as building blocks for various energy transducing applications including mechanical energy harvesting, sensors, and piezotronic devices.Moreover, international technological roadmaps have identified nanocomposites based on biocompatible piezoelectric NWs as a possible solution in the long term to improve the performance of mechanical energy harvester and replace raw materials.

Nanostructures such as NWs were demonstrated to exhibit yield strengths reaching the ultimate limit for the respective material, hence allowing large elastic deformations, which may eventually be converted into electricity in the case of piezoelectric materials. The extendedmechanical deformation range makes terms of higher orders, and thus non-linearities, play a major role in the mechanical and piezoelectric behavior of nanomaterials. In addition, flexoelectricity in the case of bent (flexed) nano- objects couples the polarization and strain gradients. The coupling of mechanical and electrical states by linear and non-linear piezoelectric effects as well as by flexoelectricity, and thus the conversion of one form of energy into the other, has a great potential for energy conversion applications like mechanical sensors or harvesting energy from environmental mechanical inputs.

The fundamental understanding of nano-mechanics as well as piezoelectric and flexoelectric effects including non-linearities is of major importance for predicting the piezoelectric potential, quantifying the mechanical-to-electric energy conversion efficiency, and optimizing the size selection of nanomaterials. Consequentially, it is fundamental to characterize and model the specific electromechanical and nano-mechanical properties of individual nanostructures.

Objective of PhD thesis:

Within the framework of the financed ANR LATINO project, which is a collaboration of the MNO group at IM2NP with IMEP-LaHC and LMGP in Grenoble as well as the SOLEIL synchrotron, the nano- mechanical and piezoelectric behavior of ZnO NWs will be investigated. Within this thesis, the successful candidate will study the nanomechanical and piezoelectric behavior of piezoelectric semiconductor ZnO NWs using unique experimental techniques (Fig. 1): (i) in-situ three-point bending and tensile tests on individual NWs in combination with nanofocused X-ray diffraction techniques at 3rdgeneration synchrotron facilities (ESRF, SOLEIL, …), (ii) in situ electrical actuation combined with synchrotron X-ray diffraction, and (iii) in situ electrical actuationduring TEM imaging using a novel TEM sample holder in an aberration corrected FEI TITAN. The experiments are accompanied by finite element method simulations.

In general, the thesis will provide a better understanding of the mechanical and piezoelectric behavior at the nanoscale which is important for future devices based on NWs.

Job location:

Laboratory: IM2NP (UMR 7334) CNRS, https://www.im2np.fr 

Thesis supervisors: Dr. Thomas W. Cornelius, Dr. Michaël Texier

Contacts: thomas.cornelius@im2np.fr, Tel.: +33 (0)4 13 94 53 72

michael.texier@univ-amu.frTel.: +33 (0)4 91 28 80 98

IM2NP Lab, Case 262, Av. Escadrille Normandie-Niemen, F-13397 Marseille 


The candidate should have

  • a Master degree in physics, materials science, or another closely related field.
  • a deep knowledge in solid state physics
  • a vivid interest in performing experimental work on state-of-the-art instruments Experience in programming languages is appreciable.

Applications should include a CV, two letters of recommendation, a statement of research interests, and the last transcript of grades.

The PhD thesis may start on March 1st , 2022

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PhD (thesis subject) in Electromechanical properties of ZnO piezoelectric semiconductor nanowires
Jardin du Pharo 58, bd Charles Livon Marseille, Frankrike
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