European University Institute (EUI)

PhDs in Economics, History and Civilisation, Law and Political and Social Sciences – up to 150 Scholarships available

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The European University Institute (EUI) offers four-year fully-funded PhD programmes in Economics, History and Civilisation, Law and Political and Social Sciences. Up to 150 scholarships are available for entry in September 2022, covering tuition and providing a monthly grant.

Our well-structured PhD programmes include closely supervised dissertation work, courses on methods and theory, topical workshops as well as academic and professional development training.

Over 87% of EUI researchers successfully defend their thesis.

PhD researchers at the EUI enjoy:

  • Well-structured, fully funded PhD programmes
  • An academic environment that promotes research independence with close supervision, working groups, advanced training and courses
  • Excellent research support facilities including an outstanding social science research Library, an onsite European Documentation Centre, and the Historical Archives of the European Union
  • A dynamic research community with visiting experts and highlevel institutional and government actors from around the world
  • An inclusive, multilingual campus near Florence, Italy
  • Access to an international network of alumni holding posts in academia (65%), international organisations (9%), other research (9%), private sector (6%), law firms (3%), national organisations (3%), national central banks (3%) and European Central Bank (1%)*

*Alumni Destination Survey 2021

Application deadline: 31 January 2022

To find out more and to apply online before the 31 January deadline please visit our website

About the EUI

The European University Institute is an international postgraduate teaching and research institute. It offers advanced academic training for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers and fosters research in fields that are of particular interest for the development of Europe. The Institute is composed of four departments—Economics, History and Civilisation, Law, and Political and Social Sciences; the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies; the Max Weber Programme for Postdoctoral Studies; the School of Transnational Governance; and the Historical Archives of the European Union.

Grants and tuition fees for PhD candidates are covered by the national grant-awarding authorities of our contracting states.

Contact applyres@eui.eu if you have any questions.

Qualification type: PhD

Location: Florence, Italy

Funding for: EU students, international students

Funding amount: Not specified

Hours: Full-time

Placed on: 1 November 2021

Closes on: 31 January 2022

Om tjänsten

PhDs in Economics, History and Civilisation, Law and Political and Social Sciences – up to 150 Scholarships available
Via dei Roccettini 9 Florens, Italien
Sista ansökningsdag
Affärsetik, , Arbetsmarknadsekonomi, , Arbetsrätt, , Avtalsrätt, , Beteendeekonomi, och 113 fler Bolagsrätt, Bolagsstyrning, Civilrätt, Controlling, Corporate finance, Dataekonomi, Den politiska teorins grunder, Digital rätt, Ekonometri, Ekonomisk geografi, Ekonomisk historia, Ekonomisk psykologi, Ekonomisk sociologi, Energiekonomi, Entreprenörskap, Europarätt, Fastighetsekonomi, Fastighetsrätt, Federalism och mellanstatliga förbindelser, Filosofins historia, Finans, Finansiell ekonomi, Finansrätt, Forntidens historia, Företagsekonomi, Förvaltningsrätt, Genus och rätt, Geografins historia, Handelsrätt, Human Resource Management, Hälsoekonomi, Hälsopolitik, Industriell ekonomi, Informationssystem, Informationsteknik och politik, Internationell ekonomi, Internationell historia och politik, Internationell rätt, Internationell säkerhet och vapenkontroll, Internationella relationer, Internationellt och komparativt arbete, Komparativ demokratisering, Komparativ politik, Konfliktprocesser, Konsthistoria, Konsumentekonomi, Kostekonomi, Kulturhistoria, Ledning, Logistik, Makroekonomi, Marknadsföring, Matematikens historia, Matematisk ekonomi, Medierätt, Mikroekonomi, Miljöekonomi, Miljörätt, Modern historia, Museologi, Musikvetenskap, Mänskliga rättigheter, Nationell politik, Nordisk rätt, Offentlig ekonomi, Offentlig förvaltning, Offentlig politik, Offentlig rätt, Organisationsekonomi, Politik, Politik, litteratur och film, Politisk ekonomi, Politisk historia, Politisk kommunikation, Politisk kvinnoforskning, Politisk metodik, Politisk psykologi, Politisk teori, Politiska nätverk, Politiska organisationer och partier, Processrätt, Produktion, Produktionsutveckling, Projektledning, Ras, etnicitet och politik, Redovisning, Religionshistoria, Representation och valsystem, Resursekonomi, Riskhantering, Rättshistoria, Rättstudier, Rättsvetenskap, Skatterätt, Socioekonomi, Spelteori, Statlig politik och policy, Statsrätt, Statsvetenskapsutbildning, Straffrätt, Strategisk förvaltning, Supply Chain Management, Teori om människans utveckling, Transportekonomi, Turismekonomi, Urban politk, Utrikespolitik, Utvecklingsekonomi, Verksamhetsstyrning, Vetenskap, teknik och miljöpolitik, Vetenskapshistoria, Välfärdsekonomi, Världens historia
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