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HEC Paris
Fully Funded PhD positions in Management at HEC Paris – Call for applications
HEC Paris
Founded in 1881 by the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry, HEC Paris specializes in education and research in management sciences.
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Publicerad: 2 månader sedan
Sista ansökningsdatum: apr 24
Plats: Jouy en Josas, Frankrike
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Fully Funded PhD positions in Management at HEC Paris – Call for applications

Welcome to the HEC PhD in Management, your gateway to a career in research and academia!

Positions available in Accounting & Management Control, Economics and Decision Sciences, Finance, Marketing, Information Systems and Operations Management, Management & Human Resources and Strategy & Business Policy.

Every leading business school or university recruits its professors based on their promise to carry out groundbreaking research and to publish in the leading research journals.The HEC Paris Ph.D. Program prepares for this challenge. The 4 to 5 year program taught 100% in English offers the training needed to enter the demanding world of academia.

PhD students bring to HEC Paris a diversity of experiences and backgrounds. Coming from all continents, they represent a perfect balance of diversity: Over 60 Students; 80% International (65% non-European); 21 Nationalities; Average age: 29; 40% Women; Median GMAT: 700.

Each students accepted to the HEC Paris PhD program benefits from a full tuition waiver, cost of living stipends, funding for conferences and job market events as well as additional funding for international academic research stays. TA/RA is not a requirement to receive funding but may come as additional income.

Why join us

HEC PhD students benefit from:

  • A recognized 4-5 years Program awarding the French national diploma «Doctorat ès‐sciences de gestion»
  • A choice of 7 areas of specialization:

- Accounting & Management Control

- Economics and Decision Sciences

- Finance

- Marketing

- Information Systems and Operations Management

- Management and Human Resources

- Strategy and Business Policy

  • Intensive course training during the first two years
  • Instruction and interaction 100% in English
  • Close supervision by international, research-driven, renowned faculty members all publishing in top academic journals
  • Funding for research visits in top business
  • Travel funding for research conference presentations
  • Support for job placement in top research institutions worldwide
  • Full tuition waiver
  • Cost of living scholarships guaranteed for 4 years and 5th years funding opportunities depending on academic performance
  • TA/RA opportunities
  • On campus housing opportunities with access to all campus facilities
  • Excellent placement records: over 250 Alumni (90%) hold academic positions in top institutions worldwide.

How to apply

Built on a strategy of excellence, the HEC PhD program aims to attract students with the highest level of academic ambition to become top researchers. We are renowned for our rigorous selection process, the high caliber and ambition of our students, and our small size program.

Applicants must hold a Master degree or equivalent in any field and be fully proficient in English.

Two Application Rounds for the 2019 PhD entry:

Round 1

Round 2

Application deadline: January 9, 2019 

Opening of the system: January 10, 2019   
Application deadline: April 24, 2019


The Program applies the online application system and only completed applications including the below elements are accepted:

  • Personal information
  • GMAT or GRE (mandatory)
  • TOEFL or IELTS. Exemptions for English natives and applicants who studied their graduate studies in English language.
  • 2 online recommendations from Professors
  • CV (résumé)
  • Personal statement motivating your choice of pursuing a Ph.D. in Management
  • Scan of official university degree(s), and official transcripts of university studies
  • Additional research material that may support your application (dissertation, paper, research work, ...)
  • Application fee: 50€

Any questions?

Do not hesitate to contact us or visit the web-site for any additional information you may need.

Where are they now:

“The HEC PhD Program offered me a systematic training in doing research, starting from generating good research ideas, searching for the appropriate methodology and data, to finally providing new evidence to contribute to extant literature. Furthermore, faculty members are also willing to help and to work with students. Such a constructive environment and its diversity helped me conduct my research projects and those in collaboration with faculty. Moreover, HEC provides students with plenty of research resources and opportunities to present their projects at top-level conferences and join job market events. All of those are crucial for a PhD student to succeed. “ Yin Wang, HEC Ph.D. 2018, Accounting & Management Control, Singapore Management University.

“HEC has been a nurturing environment that provided rigorous training and at the same time ensured me the freedom to develop my own original ideas. Faculty members are cutting-edge researchers and provided me with supportive supervision and constant interaction and guidance.Pier Vittorio Mannucci, HEC Paris Ph.D. 2016, Organizations & Human Resources
London Business School (UK)

“At HEC, I benefited from a demanding training as well as constructive interactions with highly qualified faculty who played a central role in my development as a scholar. In particular, I learned a lot from the fruitful relationship I built with my advisor, from internal seminars, and from stimulating exchanges with other HEC Ph.D. students.” Anne Jacqueminet, PhD 2016, Strategy & Management, Bocconi University (Italy)

“Faculty members are at the forefront of research in their field, and always willing to generously share their time with PhD students. HEC Paris is also very supportive in getting students to present their work, in internal brown bag seminars and in international conferences. All of this contributed mightily to my job market outcome that saw me receive offers from several world-class institutions." Adrien Matray - HEC Paris PhD 2014, Finance, Princeton University (USA)


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