Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria)

Fully-Funded Ph.D. Positions in Biology, Computer Science, Data Science & Scientific Computing, Mathematics, Neuroscience, Physics and Chemistry

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The Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria) is looking for highly qualified candidates with Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees to apply for the IST Austria PhD program. We offer fully-funded PhD positions in Biology, Neuroscience, Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Data science and Scientific Computing, in a world-class research environment on the outskirts of Vienna.

Students spend the first year completing coursework and rotations before choosing a thesis group. Our PhD graduates have gone on to top positions in academia and industry all over the world.

In 2019, IST Austria was ranked #3 in the worldwide Nature Index ranking (normalized). In 2018, IST Austria was ranked within the top ten of Nature Index Rising Stars “Top 30 academic institutions under 30” list and was featured in this article in Nature Index. The Institute also has, with 48%, the highest ERC Grant success rate compared to other European institutions.

Join us for the Virtual Student Open Day on November 26! More information and registration on our website.

The application deadline is January 8, 2022 (11:59 PM CET), for a Ph.D. start date in September 2022.


PhD Program

The goal of the PhD program at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria) is to produce intellectually broad, curious, open-minded scientists who are able to approach problems from different angles and can collaborate with diverse types of scientists. To this end, our students complete an innovative interdisciplinary training program consisting of both research and taught elements, and receive close mentoring by world-class faculty from different disciplines. All students whose broad research interests align with those of our faculty are eligible to join the IST Austria PhD program. Selection of the thesis supervisor occurs at the end of the first year.

In the first year, students complete coursework and rotations in three different research groups. After selecting a thesis supervisor and passing the qualifying examination, students work on their thesis research, attend international conferences and colloquia, and receive training in teaching and other transferable skills. Research groups are deliberately kept small to ensure close supervision, and all students are mentored by several faculty members who make up their thesis committee.

All students are offered 5-year contracts. All students making reasonable progress are fully funded until the time of their thesis defense.

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Financial support

All our PhD students are fully funded, at internationally competitive salary levels, and receive full social security coverage. There is also financial support for students for attending scientific conferences and workshops.

International and Diverse Scientific Community

Our scientists, from professors to postdocs to students, hail from all corners of the world, representing over 70 different nationalities, and building on research and degrees earned from the finest global scientific institutes and universities.


We use English throughout the institute as the language of instruction and communication.


Our Graduate Program is characterized by modern comprehensive training with a special focus on interdisciplinarity.

Cutting-edge Research Training

Students work closely with outstanding faculty within small research groups and have access to first-rate facilities. Students spend the first year completing coursework and rotations before affiliating with a group.

This first phase of exploration allows students to be sure that the research topic, as well as the research group, are the best match for them before they embark on in-depth thesis research in the second phase.

Entry with a Bachelor's or Master's Degree

We welcome students with a bachelor’s or a master’s in science to apply to our PhD program.

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Fully-Funded Ph.D. Positions in Biology, Computer Science, Data Science & Scientific Computing, Mathematics, Neuroscience, Physics and Chemistry
Campus 1, Österrike
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Acceleratorfysik, , Akustik, , Algebra, , Algoritmer, , Analys, och 132 fler Analytisk kemi, Artificiell intelligens, Artificiella neurala nätverk, Atmosfärisk kemi, Atmosfärisk vetenskap, Atomär, molekylär och optisk fysik, Beräkningskemi, Beräkningsmatematik, Beräkningsteori, Beräkningsvetenskaper, Big data, Biofysik, Biogeografi, Biokemi, Biologi, Cellbiologi, Cyber Security, Databaser, Databehandling inom matematik, naturvetenskap, teknik och medicin, Databehandling inom samhällsvetenskap, humaniora, Datafysik, Datastrukturer, Datautvinning, Datavetenskap, Dator och samhälle, Datorarkitektur, Datorgrafik, Datorkommunikation (nätverk), Datorseende, Distribuerad databehandling, Ekologi, Elektrokemi, Elektromagnetism, Evolutionsbiologi, Experimentell fysik, Fasta tillståndets kemi, Fjärranalysteknik, Fordonsdynamik, Fotokemi, Fotonik, Fysik, Fysikalisk kemi, Fytokemi, Geodesi och lantmäteri, Geofysik, Geografi, Geoinformatik (GIS), Geokemi, Geologi, Geometri och topologi, Geomikrobiologi, Geomorfologi, Geostatistik, Geovetenskap, Hydrogeologi, Hydrologi, Immunkemi, Informatik, Informationssystem (affärsinformatik), Informationsvetenskap, Kartografi, Katalys, Kemi, Kemisk biologi, Kemisk fysik, Kemisk termodynamik, Kemoinformatik, Klimatologi, Kondenserade materiens fysik, Kryoteknik, Kvantdatoranvändning, Kvantfysik, Kärnfysik, Kärnkemi, Laserfysik, Logik, Marin geovetenskap, Maskininlärning, Matematik, Matematisk fysik, Matematisk kemi, Materialfysik, Materialkemi, Medicinal kemi, Medicinsk fysik, Metallorganisk kemi, Meteorologi, Miljökemi, Mineralogi, Molekylfysik, Molekylär kemi, Människa-datorinteraktion, Nanobiokemi, Nanokemi, Nanoteknik, Neurovetenskap, Oceanografi, Oorganisk kemi, Operativsystem, Optik, Organisk kemi, Paleoklimatologi, Paleontologi, Parallell databehandling, Partikelfysik, Petrokemi, Petrologi, Plasmafysik, Polymerkemi, Programmeringsspråk, Programvaruteknik, Radiokemi, Robotseende, Sannolikhetsteori, Seismologi, Solid-state Physics, Spektroskopi, Speldesign, Statistik, Stokastik, Strömningslära, Strömningsmekanik, Syntetisk kemi, Talteori, Teoretisk fysik, Teoretisk kemi, Termodynamik, Termokemi, Tillämpad fysik, Tillämpad matematik, Vulkanologi, Ytkemi
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The Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria) is a multidisciplinary research institution dedicated to cutting-edge basic research ...

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