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Sapere Aude—dare to be wise—is our motto. Our students and employees develop knowledge and expertise that enrich both people and the world around them. Our academic environment is characterised by curiosity, courage and perseverance. Gender equality, diversity and a democratic approach form the foundation of our organisation. We are located in an active and scenic region and we promote sustainable development in close collaboration with the wider society.
Karlstad University has a total of approximately 1,400 employees and 19,000 students spread across two inspiring campus environments in Karlstad and Arvika.
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Swedish Language at Karlstad University offers bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes. We also offer freestanding courses in linguistics, with aspirations of expanding the range of freestanding courses further. Together with Comparative Literature, the subject is a big part of the teacher education programmes at Karlstad University, from pre-school to upper secondary school. In matters related to education and language learning, the subject collaborates with the research environments Centre for Language and Literature Education (CSL) and Research on Subject-specific Education (ROSE) at the university, both of which initiate and develop practice-oriented research and development work. The department also houses the Research Group for Culture Studies (KuFo).


The position of professor in Swedish Language comprises heading seminars and research in the subject, as well as conducting your own research and teaching courses in Swedish linguistics, both within the main field of study and the teacher programme. One important duty is to lead and develop an academic environment which comprises research, courses and degree programmes related to both linguistic and subject-specific education. It is also important to fortify and revitalise the cooperation with other disciplines, in particular those are part of CSL/ROSE. The applicant is also expected to be a driving force in course development on all levels. The position also includes administrative duties and management assignments, as well as communication with the wider community, especially regarding education. 

Qualification requirements

To be eligible for the position of professor in Swedish Language, applicants must hold a PhD in Swedish Language or Scandinavian Languages, or equivalent. Demonstrated research expertise and teaching expertise are also required. Teaching expertise must be well documented in a way that allows for quality assessment. Another requirement is completed courses in higher education pedagogy as well as doctoral supervision, or otherwise acquired equivalent skills. For more information, see Karlstad University’s Appointments Procedure

Assessment criteria

In the appointment of the position, equal weight will be given to research and teaching expertise. For more information, see Karlstad University’s Appointments Procedure

In the selection of eligible applicants, special weight will be given to:

  • personal qualities such as the ability to cooperate, creativity, and initiative
  • the ability to initiate, lead, promote and administer research activities
  • the ability to initiate, lead and promote collaboration projects related to education and other activities related to the subject
  • experience in doctoral supervision
  • experience of teaching at various levels
  • well-developed research networks 

A degree in Education or experience in teacher education is a valuable qualification. Other experience in working in education could be considered a valuable qualification.


This is a permanent full-time position. Start date as agreed upon by both parties. In order to contribute to a positive working environment and the development of the department’s activities, you are expected to be a participate actively in the day-to-day operations and engage with the colleagues at the department. 

Additional Information

Karlstad University places great value on the enriching presence of diverse backgrounds and gender balance in the organisation. We welcome applicants with different cultural backgrounds, gender identities, functional abilities, and life experiences. 


Submit the application via the University’s web-based recruitment tool, Varbi. For advice on how to draft your application, refer to: What to include in the application. Applicants are responsible for submitting a complete application in accordance with the advertisement and for ensuring that the documentation allows for objective and qualitative assessments. A complete application should be submitted by the application deadline. An incomplete application may jeopardise a fair assessment of qualifications. 

The application should include: 

  • CV
  • cover letter
  • An in-depth account of teaching experience
  • verification of a completed course in higher education pedagogy or an account of equivalent skills
  • an in-depth account of research experience
  • an account of no more than five pages, detailing how to further develop a research and education environment in Swedish Language
  • documented and successful experience as a doctoral supervisor
  • an account of other experiences
  • an account of managerial and administrative experience
  • plans for future work
  • an account of collaborations, experience of international networks, employment, etc.
  • an account of the sustainability aspect in relation to your research and teaching
  • a list of publications (in multi-authored publications, the role of the applicant must be specified)
  • language proficiency certificates
  • copies of relevant course transcripts, degree certificates, and other certificates
  • no more than 10 scientific publications and no more than 5 materials intended to convey knowledge, such as textbooks, computer programmes for teaching, or popular science articles
  • two references, at least one of which is a current or former supervisor.

All application documents should be written in Swedish and/or English. Attach all the documents and publications you wish to be considered to the electronic application (do not just provide links). Name each uploaded document to clearly indicate its content. Documents that cannot be submitted electronically, such as books or publications, should be sent in triplicate to the following address:

Karlstads universitet

We look forward to your application!

Karlstad University has chosen advertising channels for this recruitment and firmly declines any contact with advertising or recruitment agencies.


HR Excellence in Research
Karlstad University received the European Commission’s HR Excellence in Research award September 2020. The award is issued to employers with a stimulating work environment and good conditions for researchers and its continuous improvement. The award also conveys the university’s commitment to fair and transparent recruitment as well as favorable professional development for researchers. Read more: kau.se/hrs4r

Type of employment: Permanent position
Contract type: Full time
First day of employment: By agreement
Salary: Individual salary
Number of positions: 1
Working hours: 100%
City: Karlstad
County: Värmlands län
Country: Sweden
Reference number: REK2022/132
  1. Andreas Nyström,head of department, +46(0)76-0044898
  2. Andreas Nord, guest professor, head of subject, +46(0)54-7001285
  3. Nils Dverstorp, deputy head of department, +46(0)54-7001287
Union representative:
  1. Thomas Bragefors, SACO, +46(0)54-7001714
  2. Denita Gustavsson, OFR, +46(0)54-7001434
  3. Tony Ingemarsson, Lärarförbundet, +46(0)54-7001404
Published: 2022-05-19
Last application date: 2022-10-15

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Professor of Swedish Language
Universitetsgatan 2 Karlstad, Sverige
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