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ACER CoE: Assistant Professor in Advanced Battery Materials & scale-up assembly processes

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Mohammed VI Polytechnic University is an institution oriented towards applied research and innovation with a focus on Africa.

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The Applied Chemistry and Engineering Research Centre of Excellence (ACER CoE) at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) invites applications for Assistant Professor in Advanced Battery Materials & scale-up assembly processes.

Description of UM6P 

Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) is an internationally oriented institution of higher learning, that is committed to an educational system based on the highest standards of teaching and research in fields related to the sustainable economic development of Morocco and Africa. UM6P is an institution oriented towards applied research and innovation. On a specific focus on Africa, UM6P aims to position these fields as the forefront and become a university of international standing. 

More than just a traditional academic institution, UM6P is a platform for experimentation and a pool of opportunities, for students, professors and staff. It offers a high-quality living and study environment thanks to its state-of-the-art infrastructure. With an innovative approach, UM6P places research and innovation at the heart of its educational project as a driving force of a business model. 

In its research approach, the UM6P promotes transdisciplinary, entrepreneurship spirit and collaboration with external institutions for developing up to date science and at continent level in order to address real challenges. 

All our programs run as start-ups and can be self-organized when they reach a critical mass. Thus, academic liberty is promoted as far as funding is developed by research teams. The research programs are integrated from long-term research to short-term applications in linkage with incubation and start-up ecosystems. 

Description of ACER-CoE 

The Centre was established in early 2022 to address enduring process challenges in Chemistry and Engineering disciplines and create an environment for interdisciplinary/collaborative research. The research program of ACER CoE is multidisciplinary in nature aiming to create a platform bridging chemistry and engineering with faculty members affiliated and/or non-affiliated to other UM6P departments.

The faculty members with their research groups at ACER CoE have complementary expertise from different filed of Chemistry (inorganic, organic, coordination, Polymeric, physical, analytical) combined with different filed of Engineering (chemical, process, Mechanical, electrical, etc …) to address problems in industrial, residential and transportation sectors. 

Desired Skills and Experience

The candidate’s primary role is to strengthen ACER CoE Center’s competences related to advanced battery materials (materials synthesis) and scale up process of electrodes processing, battery assembly and testing as part of the UM6P’s objective to build a task force on energy conversion and storage. 

The candidate is expected to:

  • Develop materials (active material, electrolytes, coatings, binders, etc.) and processes for Li-ion and beyond Li-ion batteries.
  • Develop a deep fundamental understanding related to batteries and related processes
  • Scale up of electrodes processing (NMP based, water based, dry process), battery assembly and testing (scale up from coins to single and multi-layer pouch cells).
  • Develop and consolidate independent research programs of international excellence and extinction in the field of batteries.
  • Actively pursue and secure fundings for research projects and conduct interdisciplinary research in close partnership with internal and external stakeholders at UM6P.
  • Coordinate and collaborate with the faculty members of ACER CoE to assess and implement new technologies and enhance research capabilities related to batteries, as well as for various scientific and technological fields.
  • Use and development of new and\or existing characterization tools\techniques.
  • Coordinate with the internal collaborators of the ACER CoE Center overseeing planning and development of our research facilities, and installation of new equipment.
  • Work closely with internal teams in ACER CoE, academic and industrial partners to scale up and integrate developed technologies into commercial applications. 
  • Participate in department/university meetings, take part in various committees, and assist in recruitment activities.
  • Coordinate effective departmental communication via regular Faculty & staff meetings, town halls, and/or electronic communications.
  • Publish articles in highly recognized journals, present research outcomes in international events and grant patents based on novel and innovative research results.
  • Identify areas of improvement within the research structure using integrated management approaches in pursuit of capacity building/strengthening and the preservation of scientific rigor in research studies.
  • Participate in the development of undergraduate courses, master courses, and modules, as well as the establishment of state-of-the-art research laboratory.
  • Supervise graduate and internship students and contribute to build up a first-class research-oriented teaching and research programs at UM6P.

Required Qualifications

  • PhD degree in Chemistry/Materials science/Solid-state-physics, and preferably in a battery related discipline from a recognized program, with a strong record of research achievements demonstrated by an excellent record of publications in reputable journals.
  • Strong understanding of battery fundamentals (electrodes, electrolytes, interfaces, etc.)
  • Previous academic and/or industrial R&D experience the field of batteries (3-5 years)
  • Previous experience in pouch cells assembly and testing 
  • Previous experience related to the synthesis of battery electrodes active materials, electrodes preparation, coatings, and electrolyte formulation.
  • Previous work experience on the next generation batteries (e.g. Lithium metal batteries)
  • Strong organizational skills, project management expertise, and the ability to collaborate with stakeholders, including researchers and administrative staff are crucial. 
  • Possess skills in strategic research planning and ability to identify competencies gaps and building/managing/leading R&D teams.
  • Ability to set R&D strategies, creating technology roadmaps, fostering connections within the innovation ecosystem, and initiating collaborative research ventures with external partners.
  • Experience in supervising undergraduate and/or graduate students, and an exceptional track record of peer review publications, research funding acquisition and international transdisciplinary collaborations with governmental agencies and the industry.
  • Evidence of other relevant scholarly activity including research supervision, examining, editing and refereeing research grant applications as appropriate for the discipline
  • Strong communication skills and contribute to academic community by delivering high-quality mentoring.

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ACER CoE: Assistant Professor in Advanced Battery Materials & scale-up assembly processes
Lot 660, Hay Moulay Rachid Ben Guerir, Morocco Benguerir, Marocko
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Mohammed VI Polytechnic University is an institution oriented towards applied research and innovation with a focus on Africa.

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