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China Spallation Neutron Source (CSNS) is one of China's leading national research facilities for materials science. It produces neutrons with an accelerator-based system that delivers proton pulses to a tungsten target through a process called spallation. These neutrons are then directed toward state-of-the-art instruments that provide a variety of capabilities to researchers across a broad range of disciplines, such as physics, chemistry, biology, and materials science.

The upgrade project (CSNS-II) aims to increase the beam power to 500 kW and construct 11 neutron instruments and two experimental terminals (the muon experimental terminal and the high-energy proton experimental terminal). The new research position will collaborate with researchers at the CSNS, joining the Accelerator Department to engage in physics and technology research related to high-power proton accelerators, and the Neutron Science Department to participate in spectrometer construction and cutting-edge scientific research.

We are now seeking outstanding candidates in all areas below:

Physics: Condensed matter physics; biological and chemical physics; particle physics; atomic, molecular, and optical physics, etc.

Engineering: Electromagnetic fields and microwave technology; high voltage and insulation technology; automation engineering; electrical engineering; measurement and control technology and instruments; precision instruments; optical engineering.

Chemistry: Computational and quantum chemistry; physical chemistry; organic and inorganic chemistry; analytical chemistry; polymer chemistry, etc.

Physical Sciences: Including advanced materials and related interdisciplinary areas, with an emphasis on energy materials, functional information materials, advanced structural materials, etc.

Applicants with backgrounds in neutrons and synchrotron, ultrafast and attosecond laser technologies, electron microscopy techniques, or computational materials science are also encouraged.

Job Qualifications

We are currently seeking 23 researchers with a proven track record of conducting advanced research and demonstrating outstanding academic achievements in their respective fields, coupled with exceptional innovation capabilities. Additionally, we are looking for 29 postdoctoral researchers who possess competitive skills essential for conducting high-impact research and fostering collaboration. Detailed descriptions of the positions can be found in 

All applicants must hold a Ph.D. degree in a relevant field and commit to full-time employment at CSNS.

Compensations and benefits

CSNS offers competitive salaries and sufficient start-up funds, commensurate with qualifications. The postdoctoral researcher will receive an annual salary of no less than CNY 400,000. Benefit packages include annual leave, housing funds, as well as social, medical, and retirement insurance mandated by laws and regulations. Successful candidates are encouraged to apply for national, provincial, and municipal talent funds, many of which offer additional research grants. Those who qualify for Dongguan's special talent program are eligible for an additional housing subsidy. Negotiations are possible for exceptionally outstanding candidates on a case-by-case basis.

Application Procedures:

Your application materials must include:

  • Cover Letter
  • Diplomas (and official transcripts, if any)
  • Curriculum Vitae with a list of publications
  • Two recommendation letters from your doctoral supervisor or employer
  • PDFs of your representative publications (no more than 5)
  • Other accomplishments (if any).

Please send your application to In the subject line, please indicate “Your Name + List number + Applying Position”.

Further Information

For more information about CSNS please visit:

For any question, please contact with us:

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The CSNS is the first pulsed neutron source facility in developing countries. Thus it is expected to have positive effects in promoting the develop...

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