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Discover Radboud University: Your Path to an Excellent Career in AI

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Radboud University
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For over three decades, Radboud University in the Netherlands has been at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence (AI) research and education, fostering a community of over 200 AI researchers. Educating 250 master students and 750 bachelor students in the fields of AI and Computing Science, the university spans the AI spectrum from Fundamentals of AI to practical applications in Health, Neurotechnology, Education, Energy and Sustainability, and much more. Here are four reasons why Radboud University stands out as your AI research destination. 


You'll Have Access to Premier Facilities and Programs

Working at Radboud University opens doors to outstanding research facilities. From advanced high-computing resources across faculties to renowned institutes like The Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, and the High Field Magnet Laboratory and Free-Electron Lasers for Infrared eXperiment (HFML-FELIX), you'll have the tools to excel.

AI researchers at Radboud University have access to outstanding equipment and facilities.

The tight collaboration between Radboud University and Radboud University Medical Center provides access to valuable patient datasets. The recently launched 22 million Euro Radboud Healthy Data initiative streamlines data access, encouraging interdisciplinary insights. 

Radboud University has also received numerous grants for its work from the Dutch Growth Fund, including its revolutionary RobotLab, which received a 97 Euro million grant and will contribute to making the Netherlands one of the world leaders in AI chemistry. During the next decade, the government-funded National Education Lab AI (NOLAI) is exploring the opportunities that smart technology brings to the classroom, specifically for primary, secondary and special education.


You'll Collaborate Across Disciplines and Industries

Kickstart valuable interdisciplinary collaborations through Radboud AI, a network that connects  the university's AI researchers across all faculties. Radboud AI extends its reach to external partners, fostering industry alliances, and organizing networking events to stimulate innovative perspectives across academia and industry. Plus, AI researchers receive support for new ideas and spin-offs, including recent startups Thirona, Screenpoint, and Machine2Learn.

Radboud University's prominence extends beyond campus, with affiliations in the Dutch AI Coalition and hosting one of three prestigious European Lab for Learning and Intelligent Systems (ELLIS) units in the Netherlands. The Ellis unit in Nijmegen, situated at Radboud University, shares the mission of promoting exceptional fundamental research in Europe, driving advancements in machine learning and modern AI, while fostering economic impact and job creation on the continent.

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You'll Experience A Supportive International Environment

Radboud University empowers you to carve your AI career within a supportive and diverse environment. The Netherlands' flat organizational structure lets you shape your own role with freedom and autonomy.  Radboud University actively attracts international employees, leading to over 30% of its employees coming from overseas territories. Furthermore, the university's location in Nijmegen means you get to make one of the most gorgeous areas of the Netherlands your home, in addition to being just a 90-minute train ride away from Amsterdam.

Furthermore, there's the noteworthy 30% facility that brings substantial tax benefits during your first five years in the Netherlands. Couple that with Radboud University reimbursing the costs of relocation and you have a welcoming atmosphere for skilled international AI specialists.

Its Welcome Center is often the first port of call, providing information about the university and the region to help you get settled. The university also runs Family Support Services and a Dual Career Program, the latter of which provides resources to the partners of its international staff to help them find employment.

The cozy historical centre of Nijmegen.


The Netherlands Is a Wonderful Place to Live

Looking beyond the career and academic opportunities that Radboud AI offers, the Netherlands offer a high quality of life and great work-life balance. In 2023, the Netherlands rank on the fifth spot in the World Happiness Report, making it an attractive research destination for international academics. Nijmegen's distinction as Europe's "Green Capital" in 2018 highlights its focus on sustainability and liveability.

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