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Frequently Asked Questions

This post answers the most common questions Academic Positions receives via email and social media. Please take the time to read it through and follow the suggested links.

I want a job

Academic Positions advertises over a thousand jobs and new ones are posted every day. We exclusively post academic and research jobs at universities and research institutes, such as PhD, postdoc, research assistant, staff scientist, professor, tenure-track positions, as well as some university administration jobs. The “find jobs” section of our website is a great place to start your job search.

Can you help me find a PhD?/I’m looking for a PhD in a certain field

Click on “find jobs” at the top of our website. Select “PhD” from the drop-down list of job types. From there you can narrow down your search by field (you can click all that apply) and region (again, you can select more than one.) You can also add keywords in the search bar. From the same page you can create a profile to sign up for job alerts so you receive an email every time a new job is posted that meets your field/jobs type/region requirements.

I have a Bachelor’s degree and am looking for Master’s program

Academic Positions does not advertise Master’s positions. The only degree-programs we advertise are PhD positions. There are several other websites that specialize in Master’s degree opportunities.

I want a PhD scholarship

Academic Positions itself is not a funding body; we do not offer scholarships. However, many of the PhD positions we advertise come with partial funding or are fully funded. The funding level is often indicated in the job advertisement. We have also addressed the topic of PhD funding in our career advice with articles about how to fund your PhD and major PhD fellowships.

I want to work at your institution

Academic Positions is not a school or institution. We do not grant degrees nor do we offer any courses. We work with universities around the world to advertise their job vacancies. If you are interested in working at Academic Positions, please check our LinkedIn page for current vacancies.

Am I qualified for this position?

Every job posted on our site has its own specific requirements. Carefully read the job posting and take note of what degrees, academic background, and previous experience the employer is looking for. If you are still unsure if you meet the requirements, reach out to the contact person listed in the job ad.

How do I apply for a job?

Read the job posting carefully, as each job ad will specify exactly what documents you need to submit when you apply. Most academic jobs require applicants to submit some combination of a CV, cover letter, list of publications, research proposal, copies of degrees, references, English test scores, and writing sample. Our career advice section is a great resource if you need any help preparing these application materials. We have articles about how to write a CV, write a statement of purpose, write a research proposal, write a cover letter, apply for a PhD, apply for a postdoc, apply for a faculty position.

I have applied for a job but I haven’t heard anything

Academic Positions is not involved in the selection process or hiring decision for the jobs advertised on our website. If you submit a job application through our website, your application is automatically sent to the relevant university contact person. If you want to know about the status of your application, you can contact the contact person listed on the job advertisement.

I want to advertise a job on Academic Positions

Academic Positions offers several different advertising solutions. To post a job with us, send an email to info@academicpositions.com and a member of our sales team will contact you.

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